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The topic is quite tricky yet interesting to understand the difference between hotels and resorts. You might have heard both terms equally when it comes to finding a place to stay during a vacation in a distant region. If we compare the popularity of hotels and resorts, there is a chance that hotels might get all the attention. At the same time, there is a fine difference between these terms, not just by their architectural differences but beyond. Hotels are the place where you can stay during your visit to a specific destination, but a resort is somewhat a destination in itself. This blog is drafted to help you understand why these terms are not the same, even if they offer the same amenities.

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What is the difference between Hotels and Resorts?

This discussion can be entertaining when defining both terms separately as Hotels vs Resorts. Apart from the difference, there is a common fact that both hotels and resorts share with each other. That is, these provide a place to lodge but not to accommodate. If you are out for some work or travelling to other locations for a limited period of time, hotels or resorts could be your lodging place. These places acquire the amenities, but you have to pay for all the services you avail inhere. The further description explains which one is better between hotels and resorts. Let us delve more into understanding hotels and resorts separately to identify the differences.   

What Is A Hotel?

The term hotel comes from the French word “Hôtel” which means a building that serves as a place of longing for people from different locations. Here, the visitors are called as guests who relish a comfortable stay during the time frame of their lodging. In comparison to now, hotels are more about fancy architecture and trained staff who readily provide services for guests but also get paid high for it. Hotels are found in almost all big cities, towns, and even tourist places. Hotels charge the rent for each day and sometimes charge a little more for the extra services their guests ask for. Hotels are sometimes quite expensive and cheap as well. The price of hotels varies depending on the amenities and luxury elements they obtain. Hotels target a wide range of customers like travelers, business nomads and visitors who seek a stay for a short time. Hotels also offer their guests to organize events and functions like weddings business parties, and much more. You can also find some of the great dining options in a hotel, such as breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What is a Resort?

A resort is more than just a lodging place, it is a destination on its own. Resorts are meant to provide a more serene and calm stay away from the rush of cities. Almost all resorts have similar amenities and services like hotels, but the difference is simply the purpose. Hotels are to stay when you visit somewhere, but resorts are the place where you go to stay and enjoy the time there only. There are some extra amenities that resorts offer rather than hotels. Resorts are usually located in some unique places like mountains and beaches. Resorts might not have luxurious architecture, but they are built to provide comfort and calmness to the mind and soul. Destinations like Goa in India are really popular for having a peaceful holiday in resorts and experiencing the serenity and tranquillity close to the beaches. In Goa, you can find numerous options in resorts depending on the amenities and proximity to reach beaches and sea soars. BOHO By The Beach is one the best resorts in Morjim, North Goa, which caters for its guests with the comfort of their homes. It has a wide range of amenities and services especially crafted to meet the needs of the guests. It is the right place to indulge in peace and calmness away from the bustling life, like a perfect Goa resort.

Resort vs Hotel

Resort vs Hotel: Which one is better?

As per the above explanation, the contract between resorts and hotels is transparent now. But now the question arises: which one is better, hotels or resorts? The base is actually larger to identify which hotels and resorts are better. If you are looking for a stay that has plush amenities but for a shorter period of time, Hotels could be best for you. While resorts are to provide a peaceful stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Resorts provide a better lodging experience than hotels as these provide personalized services for their guests. Resorts are usually located in nature, alluring places near mountains, forests and beaches. These offer different entertainment options, including relaxation activities, yoga – meditation and other recreational activities.

What Can You Expect From A Resort?

Resorts possess all the necessary facilities and also provide the amenities required to have a comfortable stay. Hers are the most delightful services that resorts offer for their guests.

  1. Dining Facilities
  2. Entertainment Options
  3. Calming Activities
  4. Serene Atmosphere
  5. Personalized Comfort
  6. Privacy & Security
  7. Adventure
  8. Comfort & Convenience
  9. Safety For Children

In essence, as we summarize the content written in this blog, we’ve come to the conclusion that hotels and resorts are different based on their location, amenities, services and purpose. Also, resorts are better than hotels if you want to enjoy a comfortable, personalized lodging experience in a serene location. If you are searching for a holiday destination, then Goa can be perfect for you. It has everything you need to experience on vacation with your family or friends. In the northern part of Goa, we occupy our resort called BOHO By The Beach. This is the best resort in Morjim in North Goa district of Goa. We offer the best services to let our guests enjoy their vacation. Last but not least, BOHO By The Beach can be the perfect destination for a memorable and relaxing stay in Goa.

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