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North Goa Is Best For Honeymoon Couples

Goa is the place where peace and pleasure come together to provide the honeymooners with a pace to create unforgettable moments. Whether it’s about adventurous water sports or romantic walks on the beaches, Goa has everything a newly wedded couple requires. In this blog, we are going to describe 10 strong reasons why North Goa is best for honeymoon couples. North Goa stands best for village tours, water sports, beach parties and photoshoots. This region is quite affordable when looking for a couple-friendly resort in Goa. In North Goa, the cleanest and most vibrant beach is Morjim Beach. It is considered to be the best beach for couples who want to have a romantic beach date and enjoy sunsets, sea waves and delicious Goan cuisine. So, let’s discuss what makes North Goa the best honeymoon destination.

Reasons Why North Goa Is Best For Honeymoon Couples

  1. Affordable Accommodation
  2. Vibrant Culture
  3. Indian – Portuguese Architecture
  4. Village Tours
  5. Road Trips with Partner
  6. Water Sports
  7. Local Goan Delicacies
  8. Nightlife & Casino
  9. Flea Markets
  10. Picture Perfect Destination

These are the reasons why most couples find North Goa to be their perfect honeymoon destination. Let’s discuss each aspect separately to get a clear idea of how North Goa can offer the best honeymoon experience and is an ideal place for couples.

North Goa Is Best For Honeymoon Couples

Affordable Accommodation

North Goa has some of the best and most affordable accommodation options for couples. From affordable hotels to budget-friendly resorts in North Goa, it is an accessible destination for lovebirds seeking a cosy nest to enjoy their honeymoon without spending much on accommodation.

Vibrant Culture

North Goa is a bowl of mixed cultures, festivals, art, music, and lifestyles. Couples who are visiting Goa for the first time must immerse themselves in the vibrant culture of this region. The atmosphere and vibe of Goa are full of livelihood, and locals add more charm to the vibrant culture. All this is enough to ensure that North Goa is best for honeymoon couples.

Indian – Portuguese Architecture

The unique blend of Indian and Portuguese culture can be seen clearly in the architecture of North Goa. This architecture is no less than a visual retreat when exploring the beauty of Goa. The monuments and the buildings of colonial-era architecture are well-preserved and maintained by the government to offer visitors a flashback of ancient Goa.

Village Tours

Couples can explore the charming villages of North Goa to experience the region’s traditional lifestyle and rustic charm. Village tours may include visits to spice plantations, ancient temples & churches, and local farms, providing a peaceful and authentic escape from the busy beaches.

Road Trips with Partner

The well-kept roads in North Goa make it great for road trips. You can rent a scooter or car and explore the beautiful countryside, hidden beaches, and coastal roads with your partner. Every turn reveals new views and opportunities for creating unforgettable memories.

Water Sports

For couples looking for adventure, North Goa provides a range of water sports, such as parasailing, jet-skiing, windsurfing, and scuba diving. These activities offer an exhilarating way to enjoy the beautiful coastline and clear sea water, adding excitement to the honeymoon.

Local Goan Delicacies

North Goa offers a variety of delicious food, especially seafood and traditional Goan dishes influenced by Indian spices and Portuguese flavours. Enjoying a romantic dinner by the beachfront restaurants on Anjuna Beach with fresh seafood and traditional dishes can be a memorable part of your honeymoon.

Nightlife & Cassino

North Goa is known for its lively nightlife, featuring many beach shacks, bars, and nightclubs. Couples can dance, enjoy live music, or try their luck at one of the many casinos. The energetic nightlife ensures that the fun continues long after the sun goes down.

Flea Markets

When visiting North Goa, don’t miss the Anjuna Flea Market and the Saturday Night Market. You can find local crafts, fashion items, and souvenirs and also enjoy street food and live performances. It’s a great way to experience the local culture and add some unique finds to your trip.

Picture Perfect Destination

The beautiful beaches, historic architecture, and lush greenery of North Goa provide a perfect setting for a romantic photoshoot. Capturing these moments can create lasting memories of the honeymoon, with stunning photos to cherish forever.

In essence, we hope these reasons are enough for you to decide your perfect honeymoon destination. North Goa has everything you can wish to have a quintessential tropical vacation with your partner.

Where To Stay In North Goa For Honeymoon

North Goa Is Best For Honeymoon Couples

BOHO By The Beach – Morjim, North Goa

In essence, we hope these reasons are enough to assure you that North Goa is best for honeymoon couples. North Goa has everything you can wish to have a quintessential tropical vacation with your partner. At BOHO By the Beach, we understand that your honeymoon is a special time to create unforgettable memories. Located just a 2-minute walk from the pristine Morjim Beach, our resort offers the perfect setting for couples who love the sea waves and romantic beach dates. As the best resort in North Goa, we take pride in providing an affordable and couple-friendly retreat that prioritizes your safety and hygiene. Our dedicated garden area and pool-facing rooms are designed to enhance your stay, offering a tranquil and intimate atmosphere.

We believe that every detail matters, which is why we provide a complimentary breakfast to start your day right. You can enjoy your time in our lush green garden, a serene spot perfect for relaxation and romance. At Boho By The Beach, we desire to create a warm and welcoming environment where you can cherish your honeymoon moments. We look forward to making your stay with us truly special.

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